What will the consultation involve?

The consultation is a time where you can relax and talk to me about how you’re feeling. Its purpose is to help you explore your feelings and emotions so together we can choose the remedies that will help you.

You only need to discuss what you’re happy to. I won’t pressure you to tell me more, ask intrusive questions or hurry you in any way. And I hold everything you tell me in complete confidence.

What happens at the end?

At the end of the consultation, I’ll summarise what you’ve told me so we’re both sure my understanding of how you feel is correct. Then I’ll recommend a remedy, or mix of remedies, which I feel will help you. However, the principle of Bach flower remedies is self-help, so if you don’t feel my suggestion is right we can change it until we find the one you’re comfortable with.

It’s important we find what’s right for you, today. I can guide you with my knowledge of the remedies, but only you know how you’re feeling so the more you are involved the better.

I’ll then prepare a mix of the remedies for you to take home.

The treatment bottle usually lasts two to three weeks.

The purpose of the remedies is to help you regain the balance in your life. You may find this happens quickly. However, if you continue to feel the same emotions you may need to take the same mix of remedies for a while. You may also find your feelings change and then other remedies will benefit you more.

You can book a follow-up visit at the end of the consultation or get in touch again when you are ready to.

Where will it be?

I usually ask if you can come to my home because I live in a peaceful, natural environment where you’ll be able to relax and talk without interruption.

However, if it is difficult for you to get here I’m happy to talk to you and arrange an alternative.

How much will it cost?

Initial consultation (lasting around an hour) and a 30ml bottle of your personal remedy mix: £30.00

Subsequent consultations (lasting around half an hour) and a 30ml bottle of your personal remedy mix: £25.00

Payment by cheque or in cash is fine but I’m unable to take debit or credit cards.

To book a consultation please email me using my contact form or call me on 01873 811655.

“I have been seeing Mandy for about a year now with great success. It started off with Mandy making remedies for just myself, but now she has made them for my whole family. She has helped my eldest son with anxiety and sleep issues, my middle son with his fear and anxiety about snakes and going outdoors, my daughter with sleep and skin issues and my husband with stress from his work. She is kind, understanding, a fantastic listener, and never have I felt like she was judging me (which is one thing I worry about !!). I cannot recommend Mandy highly enough.” Jane